Competing Fans Put 'Bachelor Pad' Veteran on Edge


Former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants will be taking a second shot at love or money on the Bachelor Pad once again this season, but this time they're not alone! Fans have been thrown into the mix for this go round, which has already stirred up tension among the veterans.

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"It was definitely weird having the fans on the show. They all knew who I was and knew a lot of stuff about me and I obviously I didn't know anything about them," explained Erica, a returning Bachelor Pad contestant. "Some of them are nice; others are kind of creepy, but I don't think that they'll be around that long, hopefully. Nothing too creepy has happened with the fans yet, but I'm sleeping with one eye open just in case."

Most of the ladies of the Bachelor Pad seemed to agree with Erica's sentiments, but the fellas seemed to maintain a slightly more welcoming stance.

"I'm kind of sympathetic towards them, because I know what it's like walking into a foreign atmosphere like this and having a house full of people immediately not like you," said Kalon, who famously arrived at this season's Bachelorette house via helicopter. "For no reason, a lot of the girls were standoffish towards the fans."

While the contestants might not all agree on what to think of the fans, they all seem to share the same mindset in terms of priorities. Although they're given a second chance at money or love, it seems that they're almost exclusively focused on the former.

"I am here for money, not for love," Blakely said pointblank. "I got student loans. My cable got cut off four months ago. I wanna get it back, so I can actually see myself win the show."

Tune in to watch the former contestants and fervent fans battle for $250,000 on the season premiere of Bachelor Pad, airing Monday, July 23 at 8/7c on ABC.