Kelsey Grammer Reflects on the Success of 'Boss'


Kelsey Grammer has certainly struck a chord with audiences and critics around the country with his gritty turn as Chicago Mayor Tom Kane in Starz's Boss, and with the release of the series' first season on DVD, Grammer muses on what he feels sets the show apart from other political dramas.

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"An examination of the American political scene by an outsider keeps it balanced," explains Grammer of Boss' unconventional format, adding that their alternative method of storytelling "avoids that pitfall of [spotlighting current issues]" which, he says, tends to distract viewers from the compelling story at hand.

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"Mostly what we were really trying to do is tell a really good old-fashioned story," says show creator Farhad Safinia. "The king is falling from grace and his court is conspiring against him and his loved ones are all sort of aligning themselves away from him...which is basically 'King Lear.'"

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Watch the video for more! Season one of Boss is in stores now.