'Fringe' Stars Tease Futuristic Final Season


As its network recently announced, Fringe's fifth season will officially be its last, which suggests that this season will be packed with plot leading up to its grand finale. ET caught up with stars Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson to find out what to expect from Fringe's final season.

"I'm not giving too much away by saying that...if you've been watching the show and if you saw Episode 419, which was set in the future, that's kind of what our world's going to look like this year," said Torv, who plays FBI agent "Olivia Dunham."

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Although the show's termination after premiering in 2008 isn't ideal for the actors and crew who have become a part of the show, the Australian actress highlighted the advantage of knowing that the series would be coming to an end as opposed to an abrupt cancellation.

"The luxury that we've been given is that we know that this is our fifth and final [season], so it means that we're going to be able to finish it properly and round up all our stories and collect all the balls that we've been throwing in the air for the last four years," Torv maintained.

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The luxury of Fringe being able to neatly wrap up after five seasons seemed improbable for the show after its ratings began to drop steeply from over 10 million viewers to 6.5 million after its first season. The show's viewership continued to decrease incrementally over the years, sinking to 4.2 million viewers in its fourth season.

Joshua Johnson, whose character "Peter Bishop" is on the same FBI unit at Torv's character, maintains that Fringe's viewership may have sharply decreased over the years, but the viewers that have stuck around since the beginning are extremely loyal-- an occurrence that's often referred to as a "cult" following.

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"Mostly, the experience of the show has been this rabidly passionate fan base who is the reason, obviously, that we've been able to keep on coming back," said Johnson. "We just...had probably our final Comic-Con experience, and just to be in the panel and in that room with 6,500 people who are just passionate about the show you're working on is a phenomenal experience."

's fifth and final season premieres September 28 on FOX.