'Guys with Kids' Brings Back 'Classic' Feel


As the cast tells ET, the upcoming sitcom series Guys with Kids, created and produced by late-night host Jimmy Fallon, takes brand-new content with a unique angle that also has a classic feel.

"It's written very intelligently. I feel like the characters are really solid," said Zach Cregger, who plays one of the "guys" on the show. "It kind of feels like one of those great classic multi-cam [shows] that I grew up with, like 'The Cosby Show' or 'Roseanne' and 'Cheers.'"

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Although the show will have a classic feel, its message will differ from the recent trend in shows that portray young parents dissatisfied with raising their children.

"We don't want to make a show where the gag is: 'Oh, it's such a drag being a father; it's such a drag having kids,'" said Jesse Bradford, who is also one of the show's title fathers. "Sure, there are complications and, sure, we're going to get some things wrong and maybe there'll be some comedy, but, ultimately, the point is: we love it; we want to be there; we want to be active parents in our kids' lives."

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Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who is best known for her role on The Sopranos, said that the show fills a void in modern television.

"There really wasn't much on television that showed young parents that, on purpose, were becoming parents and wanted to be parents and enjoyed being parents," she said, then highlighting the behavior of the fathers on the show. "[The] guys are very much guys but are good dads and enjoy being dads."

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At her co-star Tempestt Bledsoe's cue, Sigler added one reason for women to watch the show as: "Cute boys with babies is hot."

Guys with Kids
premieres September 26 on NBC.