Does Nick's New Reality Show 'Turn Vanessa On'?

Does Nick's New Reality Show 'Turn Vanessa On'?

NBC's highly anticipated new competition show Stars Earn Stripes features eight celebrities who will be challenged to execute complicated missions inspired by real military exercises, with the winner earning a cash prize on behalf of a military, veterans or first-responder charity. Each celeb will be aired with a special operative from a military branch (including former U.S. Army Delta Force and Green Berets, U.S. Navy SEALS, U.S. Marines and police officers) who train alongside their partners and compete in the missions with them.

ET recently caught up with a few of the celebrity cast members at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, where Nick Lachey dished on the dangers of participating in such an intense show, and how his pregnant wife Vanessa Lachey dealt with it.

"You have to understand, this is not an exaggeration -- you're jumping out of a helicopter that's 15 stories in the air -- anything can happen," Nick emphasized. "And in those moments I'm asking myself, 'Why do I have to do this right now, why do I have to be here right now?," he joked. "[But] none of us went into this thinking, 'OK, we're gonna die.' We went into it thinking, 'OK, we're gonna come out on the other end.' So you know, she was all for it. I come home dirty and sweaty, and I think she actually kind of thought it was a turn on. Daddy went to work and got a little grungy and came home, and you know, dinner was on the table. It's good stuff," he laughed.

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Todd Palin's famous wife Sarah Palin was also all for his participation in the risky show.

"She encouraged me to participate because of the cause and with our son being in Afghanistan, you know, he needed to have something to laugh about this fall watching TV. He could watch his dad miss targets," he joked.

But the realistic missions were not all fun and games according to Expendables star and former NFL pro Terry Crews.

"Believe me, it was harrowing," he said about some of the unforgettable experiences. "You see everything laid out there on a cool-looking monitor and you think, 'oh yeah, that's cool' -- then you get out there and bombs are going off, and helicopters flying over your head, and you're realizing that you've got 70 pounds of equipment on and water and you can't swim like me? I was like 'uh oh!,'" he laughed.

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Check out the video to hear why joining the military-themed show was so important to frequent scene-stealer Crews.

Hosted by Gen. Wesley Clark and Samantha Harris, Stars Earn Stripes premieres August 13 on NBC.