Mark Steines Bids Farewell to 'ET' After 17 Years


Entertainment Tonight's Mark Steines takes his leave from the hosting chair tonight after nearly two decades, and we at ET are looking back at our most memorable moments with Mark. 

Interestingly enough, Mark made his first appearance on Entertainment Tonight seven years before he would land the coveted gig in 1995. The future ET host caught our attention in 1998 for his striking resemblance to Tom Cruise.

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At the time, Mark was working as a camera operator in Waterloo, Iowa and only dreamed of meeting Hollywood stars, but in the years since, our beloved co-host would interview the biggest names in the biz (including Tom Cruise), traveling to the ends of the earth to cover entertainment news around the globe.

"It has been an amazing 17 years, now seemingly gone by in a flash" said Mark, "but 17 years I will never, ever forget."

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From everyone here at ET, we wish Mark all the best!