'Good Wife' Star Teases Seismic Shifts This Season


When The Good Wife closed out its tremendous third season, the future of Lockhart/Gardner was incredibly murky as the nefarious Louis Canning (brilliantly played by Michael J. Fox) drove the firm into bankruptcy.

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And when the fourth season resumes, things have gone from bad to worse for Diane Lockhart & Co!

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"It picks up at a very dramatic moment for all the characters," Emmy-nominee Christine Baranski tells ET. "The firm is definitely in crisis -- we are way down. Way, way down [and] it's going to be very hard to find our way out of bankruptcy."

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Not only is this a devastating turn of events for Diane personally, but it brings in an adversary she'll spar with all season long. "[Nathan Lane plays] a trustee to represent the creditors and make sure the firm makes choice that will keep them from going over the cliff," she says. "That character has the power to fire people and in the second episode he gets rid of a whole department. There are people, right and left, who are leaving. There's big seismic shift at the beginning season."

To see what that means for Cary's unceremonious Lockhart/Gardner return and Will's newly reinstated partner role, check out the rest of ET's interview with Baranski!

The Good Wife premieres September 30 on CBS.