Behind the Scenes of 'The Jeff Probst Show'


The countdown for Jeff Probst's uplifting new talk show premiere is well underway, and as the anticipation builds we have a sneak peek from behind the scenes of the show's first day of shooting.

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"On The Jeff Probst Show we're going to talk about the spirit of adventure," Jeff says in the first look video. "I'm not talking about climbing mountains; I'm talking about the things that make us tick."

The Emmy-winning TV host explains that everyone's life is an adventure which can take you anywhere if you employ one simple word.

"In the last year, I've said yes to marriage, yes to parenting and yes to a talk show." Jeff says through a beaming smile. "I'm learning the more you say yes, the more fun it is."

Tune in for the The Jeff Probst Show premiere on September 10. Check your local listings.

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