First Look: Great 'Wife' Guest Stars


The Good Wife has become TV's ultimate destination for character actors look to dig into a juicy guest star role and the fourth season will be no exception as a quartet of killer characters will be brought to life by some of Hollywood's most gifted stars!

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Now, ETonline has your first look at Kristin Chenoweth, Marc Warren, Maura Tierney and Nathan Lane as their Good characters -- who promise to make everyone's life a lot more dramatic!

Chenoweth plays an ace political reporter with an insatiable need to know more about The Florrick's marriage. Warren joins as Kalinda's manipulative ex-husband. Tierney stars as a self-made millionaire who becomes the darling of Chicago's Democrats and Lane plays the bottom-line obsessed financial manager brought in to save Lockhart/Gardner.

The Good Wife returns September 30 at 9 p.m.on CBS.