Gordon Ramsay Checks into Haunted Hotel


On tonight's Hotel Hell, Gordon Ramsay checks into the Cambridge Hotel in Cambridge, New York where not all the visitors check out.

VIDEO: Gordon Ramsay Wants to Save You From 'Hotel Hell'

The hotel has been operational for almost 150 years, no thanks to the current owners, lawyer John Imhof and his wife, who took over in 2007. Neither of them had any previous experience in hospitality and it's showed in the recent drop in business.

Over the years the hotel has developed a rich history. According to legend, a little girl named Alice supposedly haunts the hotel. According to Ramsay, the problem lies with the owners.

"It's not [expletive] ghosts, John, that are scaring the regulars away, it's you!" Ramsay says point blank, going on to explain that John's managing techniques are too controlling. "If you don't stop doing what you're doing, you'll lose your family and the business."

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