'MundoFox News' Anchor Gives ET a Studio Tour


Fox International Channels and RCN Television of Colombia have officially launched their joint venture, MundoFox, an American broadcast network conducted in Spanish, and ET was given an inside look at the Los Angeles studio of MundoFox News (Noticias MundoFox) by anchor Rolando Nichols.

Having plenty of experience in journalism over the years including being a Spanish announcer for the Los Angeles Angels, Nichols expressed excitement for his new job and the potential for the show.

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"It's an incredible opportunity not only for me as a journalist...but also a great alternative for our community," he said. "We have the full support of the network. We're going to gain the trust of our...audience, and we're very excited. We really believe that we're going to make a difference in this country."

MundoFox News
extends to an untapped viewership by broadcasting American news alongside international news primarily from Spanish-speaking countries. With the show's potential to be a groundbreaker, Nichols says he hopes that they can earn the respect of their audience.

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"My number-one wish is to be able to gain the credibility of our community as quickly as possible," the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism graduate said. "We're only going to do that by doing what we're doing: Being different, being unique, and taking a whole different approach...and understanding the market."

Watch the video above to see Nichols' tour of the new studio, and check out Noticias MundoFox daily on MundoFox.