'New Normal' Cast Embraces Early Controversy


The New Normal
's boundary-pushing topics and characters have raised concerns amongst the public before the show has even premiered. As the cast told ET during our set visit, they are embracing the show's concept and are excitedly anticipating the conversation that the show will encourage.

"I love it. I think that's one of the most exciting things to be doing, ever," said Georgia King, who plays "Goldie Clemmons" on the show. "Drama is conflict. Comedy is conflict. It's all about conflict, however you look at it, and it's great to be doing something ...very important."

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Created by Ryan Murphy, the man behind Glee and American Horror Story, New Normal is centered on a homosexual male couple who wants to expand its family. After searching for a surrogate mother, they find King's character to have their child. King said the show is focused on opening up the minds of its viewers.

"It's not just a case of Ryan Murphy and Ali Adler (writer) trying to shove an opinion down a throat," the Scottish actress said. "It's about opening up many, many ideas and thoughts, and actually asking questions, which I think is really smart and clever."

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Justin Bartha, who is part of the homosexual couple with Andrew Rannells, said that he and the rest of the show aren't intimidated about to the scrutiny that the show has received before it has aired.

"Everyone involved in the show, we're pretty confident in what we're doing. I mean, we all love it so much," said Bartha. "We are aware...[that] there are some lines, especially said by Ellen Barkin's character, that do seem to be kind of like those water cooler lines."

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Barkin plays the bigoted mother of King's character who isn't afraid to express her unfiltered views. She said that the inspiration for her character is mostly derived from herself.

"I found her from me and I just flipped her," she said. "She's very opinionated; she has no filter at all; she's got her nose in everybody's business and she's full of advice: good and bad; she always thinks she's right."

Watch the video above for more from the cast of The New Normal, which premieres September 11 at 9:30 on NBC.