Taylor Kinney Explains the Popular Fireman Fantasy


From the kitchen to the showers, Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney gave ET Canada's Cheryl Hickey the tour of a lifetime, showing her around the set.

VIDEO: What Makes Chicago Fire Must-See TV?

The upcoming NBC drama shoots in what Kinney described as "pretty much an exact replica of a firehouse." Set designers clearly worked hard, tending to every detail -- even down to what the real-life heroes would keep in their lockers.

"This is anti-fungal foot cream," the actor said, examining a tube of ointment that had drawn Hickey's attention.

Despite the foot fungal issue, firemen still claim the fantasies of many a single lady, and Kinney offered some insight as to why.

"I think it's like a modern day knight in shining armor kind of thing," the actor said.

Watch the video for more. Chicago Fire premieres October 10 at 10/9c on NBC.