Joel McHale Dishes on New 'Community' Season


Joel McHale and the Community gang are now entering their fourth season at Greendale Community College, and with the premiere right around the corner, he teased the upcoming season at an event for Ford's Random Acts of Fusion campaign.

Amid his straight-faced humor, McHale revealed that Season 4 will feature dancing, a visit to a Comic-Con-like convention for Inspector Spacetime (a fictional sci-fi show on the Community), and the introduction of McHale's character's father, who he joked to be portrayed by Eddie Murphy.

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Thursday's Random Acts of Fusion event was part of a campaign, which also features celebrity endorsers Ryan Seacrest and Raising Hope's Kate Micucci, to give people a chance to experience the new 2013 Ford Fusion before it debuts in dealerships this fall.

In addition to his celebrity endorsement gigs, hosting job at The Soup, and role on Community, McHale also guest stars in an upcoming episode of the drama Sons of Anarchy, which he described as a fun shoot due to the action. As for the transition from comedy to drama, the 40-year-old actor said he was unfazed.

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"It was fine. I think people think that if you're a comedian that you're never serious, when in fact, I'm serious all the time--like I am right now," he said, half-jokingly. "It was great. It was fun."

McHale also discussed what it was like to work alongside Ryan Seacrest for the Random Acts campaign, marveling at Seacrest's surprising sense of self-deprecating humor featured in some of the campaign's skits.

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"He's great," McHale said of Seacrest. "He was such a good sport with all the comedy and was willing to do anything...It was really cool. He had great ideas. It was really off-putting because hasn't he had enough success?"

returns for its fourth season October 19 on NBC.