Kristin Chenoweth Talks On-Set Injury

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Kristin Chenoweth Talks On-Set Injury

For the first time since Kristin Chenoweth's July 11 injury on the set of CBS' The Good Wife, the Tony winner is opening up about the incident and the long-lasting effects she's still dealing with.

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"CBS said a silk fell on me, which is true, but it was also attached to metal rods," Chenoweth said on Live! with Kelly and Michael this morning. "That fell, it hit me in the face, knocked me out, slammed me to the ground – we were filming outside -- and the back of my head got hit on a curb. I was out cold. I passed out."

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Chenoweth also revealed Good Wife co-star Josh Charles was there for her throughout the ordeal. "I woke up to the EMT workers and Josh Charles, who was in the scene with me. He was holding my hand. He's my angel. I almost get emotional [talking about it]."

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She adds, "I couldn't really form a sentence very well after it happened. I'm a queen of multitasking, I'm not so good at that right now."

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Despite that, the actress wants everyone to know that she's on the road to recovery. "I'm feeling so much better than I was. I have a skull fracture and a rib issue and a back issue and a hip issue. I'm just issue ridden. There's still some pain and issues, but I feel so lucky and blessed because it could have been a lot worse."