Claire Danes Searching for Emmy Maternity Wear


Big things are on the horizon for Homeland's Claire Danes -- multiple Emmy nominations and a baby on the way! Known for her keen fashion sense, the mother-to-be is adjusting to her new figure when selecting a red carpet gown.

"It's just whatever fits seems really, very exciting," she laughs. "My standards maybe have dropped a little."

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Co-star Morena Baccarin is also sorting through the racks, looking for the perfect fit. "It's like finding the right house," she compares. "You walk in, you know it's the one. It's the same with a dress."

Homeland is nominated in the outstanding drama series category at the Emmys. Claire and Damian Lewis are also up for individual awards in the lead actress and lead actor categories, respectively. Lewis told ET at the Time Warner Cable hosted Homeland season two premiere party, "To go to the Emmys and being here now on the Intrepid, going to The Golden Globes, being honored all these different places, it's all gravy -- but it's delicious gravy."

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