Vanessa Williams Reveals Success & Beauty Secrets

Vanessa Williams Reveals Success & Beauty Secrets

After successful stints on Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives, Vanessa Williams returns to television in the new supernatural drama 666 Park Avenue. Having had an extensive, versatile career in show business, Williams revealed her secrets to success and beauty during a set visit of her new show.

"The secret is: working hard, being flexible, and [being] lucky," Williams said inside the show's focal building, The Drake. "I can do a lot of different things. If they need a musical, I can sing and dance; if they need me to do something dramatic, I know how to do that; I like variety. Variety is the spice of life."

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Although she now primarily focuses on her music and acting careers, Williams first rose to fame nearly thirty years ago for being crowned Miss America. Now in her late 40s, the New York native also revealed how she maintains her glow.

"The beauty tips are: have a great glam team--hair [and] make-up, they need to know what they're doing; stay active; love what you do; and...keep it fresh," she advised. "I've really been fortunate to be able to do what I love and I think people can tell."

As for her newest project, Williams plays "Olivia Doran," the wife of the owner of The Drake who is a strong, sophisticated woman with a haunting past that won't evade her. As her co-star Dave Annable put it, The Drake is much more than just a building in the show.

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"One of the characters in the show is...The Drake and you don't know what its power is or if Gavin (Doran, Terry O'Quinn) is getting his power from the building or if it's hell or if it's hell's waiting room," said Annable, who plays one of the building's co-managers. "It sort of has that 'Lost' feel, where a lot of questions are going to be answered over the, hopefully, multiple seasons."

While the cast didn't have any on-set supernatural experiences to share, Annable's co-manager on the show, Rachel Taylor, divulged that the show's intriguing supernatural theme has given her a different outlook on life for the time being.

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"It's funny. You start noticing...the darker side of life a little bit when you're making a TV show like this," said Taylor, whose previous television endeavor was the short-run reboot of Charlie's Angels.

Check out the full video above for more from the cast of 666 Park Avenue, which premieres September 30 at 10 p.m. on ABC.