'Glee' Newcomers Tease Their New Characters


's fourth season has been teased as being nothing like the show's previous seasons, and in addition to the excitement of big-name guest stars like Kate Hudson and Britney Spears, the show will also debut four new characters.

At the cast's premiere screening Wednesday evening, ET caught up with the new kids on the block: Melissa Benoist, Jacob Artist, Becca Tobin, and Dean Geyer to hear all about their characters and how they landed the role.

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"I was a fan of the show," said Benoist, who plays "Marley Rose" on the show, "I used to watch it at home with my best friend. It was like anything I'd ever seen on television and being a theater person at heart...growing up, it was amazing to be able to watch a show like that."

Benoist, who worked alongside Ethan Peck and Mariah Carey with a small role in the 2008 film Tennessee, described her character as initially introverted but holding a secret that will eventually be revealed on the show.

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Jacob Artist, who plays a freshman named "Jake Puckerman," mentioned similar qualities of layered introversion to his new Glee character, whom he described as a "lone wolf." On the other end of the spectrum is Tobin's character, a mean-spirited cheerleader.

"Just a lot of venom," Tobin said when asked what viewers can expect from her character. "She's trying to make life difficult for anyone at McKinley. So, I would say 'Buckle up.'"

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Geyer, who has already had success in Australia's music industry after performing on Australian Idol, plays the role of an upperclassman at Lea Michele's character's new school that shows her the ropes.

"He's basically there as a friend but he's attracted to her as well so there could be a potential for a love story to go along," he said, "but then again, there's always Finn in the background, that she has to be thinking about obviously."

Season 4 premieres tonight (Wed.) at 9 p.m. on FOX.