Will Joey Fatone & Drew Lachey be 'DWTS' Rivals?


More than five years after he finished as runner-up on Dancing with the Stars, Joey
Fatone is back again with partner Kym Johnson to give it his best shot at winning the show's first All-Stars season. With the competition as hot as ever, Fatone discussed a potential feud with boy band rival Drew Lachey.

"There is no smack-down; there is no competition with 98 Degrees' Drew Lachey because there really is no competition," the 'N Sync member said with a smile. "It's a friendly competition. I've known Drew...for many years so it's kind of funny because...now we're going against each other, so I think it's going to be kind of fun."

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Fatone said that although he and Lachey, who won Dancing's second season, are friendly with one another, there is still some healthy competition between them that will be seen on the show.

"We do like to bust each other's chops a lot, so be prepared to see a lot of smack talk on the show," he said. "Once he gets in the room with me, we'll have a lot of laughs."

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On the topic of his boy band beginnings, Fatone extended an open invitation to his fellow 'N Sync members, who were loyal supporters during his last appearance on the show in 2007.

As for the dancing itself, Fatone revealed that he and dancing partner Kym Johnson are getting along great so far and have picked up where they left off last time.

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"We remained friends the whole time, so it is a different dynamic now dancing with each other. I guess you know how to push my buttons," she said, pointing at Fatone.

Follow Joey Fatone's return to Dancing with the Stars beginning September 24 at 8 p.m. on ABC.