Ian Terry: Winning 'Big Brother' Is Surreal!


Ian Terry: Winning 'Big Brother' Is Surreal!

Last night, a jury of 7 awarded Big Brother superfan Ian Terry with the ultimate viewer prize: half a million dollars and the title Big Brother 14 winner! ETonline caught up with the dazed and delirious 21-year-old after his victory in the BB backyard to talk about his wild season, his winning moment and the origin of his Quack Pack nickname!

ETonline: Congratulations on winning! How are you feeling right now?
Ian Terry: It's unreal. It's surreal. So weird seeing different faces. This was a great experience, and now I'm looking forward to watching [the season] and finding out what actually happened, which will probably drive me crazy.

ETonline: Has anyone given you hints as to what happened in the house since you've been out?
Terry: I got a little bit of information from my parents just now and they said that had I not won that Shark Veto, I would have been gone. And had I not fished the gold ball out, I would have probably been cut then too. So it feels pretty dang good to have just outsharked [Dan] and made it to the end.

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ETonline: You seemed to win competitions every time your life was on the line. Did you feel vulnerable in the house?
Terry: Early on I was definitely throwing a lot of competitions. Pre-reset, the only thing I didn't throw was memory chip. After that, I played hard and made sure I was going to get to the end by winning some comps. From the jury to the final four, there wasn't a week I didn’t win something.

ETonline: Your feelings towards Dan clearly soured during the live finale. How are you feeling towards him right now?
Terry: I'm a little disgusted with Dan, as you can imagine. Finding out he would have brought Danielle ... I just didn't think he'd soil the Renegade name like that. Obviously all is fair in Big Brother, but it kind of doesn't matter because I won!

ETonline: Did you think it would be such a landslide vote [Ian won 6 to 1]?
Terry: Not at all. I thought it would be really close. I thought Dan was going to beat me, I didn't think I was going to win.

ETonline: Name something frivolous you're going to do with the money.
Terry: Gonna buy a paint can full of different color sunglasses.

ETonline: You named your alliance The Quack Pack -- where did that come from?
Terry: Ducks are one of my favorite animals because people have likened my voice to a duck. Someone once told me it sounded like a duck was trying to escape from the back of my throat. Ducks are my favorite animal, so I went with it.

ETonline: How do you feel The Quack Pack stacks up against past alliances?
Terry: I don't know what Dan was truly doing, or what Shane and Danielle were planning in the end, but we definitely went far on the same page. We made it to the end, I'm glad I stayed loyal to them to the end.

ETonline: We saw you go through a major journey this season, do you feel different coming out of the house than you did going on?
Terry: Yea, absolutely. I went in a boy and am definitely coming out a man. I learned a lot. You can't put a price on an experience like this. You think you know the world, but this game shows you that you don't.

Big Brother will return next summer to CBS.