'NCIS' Cast Teases Season 10 as the 'Best'


The explosive finale to the previous season of NCIS left viewers uncertain as to how the show would be affected and what it all meant for the characters. As the show kicks off its tenth season, its actors are labeling this one the best season to date.

While the show has been around for quite some time now, star Michael Weatherly applauds the show's writers for keeping the show fresh and exciting in its tenth season.

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"Season 10 is the best for many reason, actually," Weatherly said on the show's set. "I think we're uncovering some elements about these characters. We're entering some new territory."

Those new elements, as Weatherly analyzes, make for an interesting story when combined with certain elements from the past that play a role in each of the show's character relationships.

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"We really built up this big back-story, this history," he noted. "When two people walk into a room now and look at each other, there's so much going on already; it's so loaded, and I feel like we're relaxing now into a new rhythm of the show."

Weatherly's co-star Cote de Pablo added to his observation of the show's current dynamics by focusing on the relationships of the actors themselves.

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"We've just gotten into this groove, which is just really nice," she said. "We've gotten to know each other really well, so we know our quirks and we can read other, which is really nice. That comes with time; it's sort of like family."

Check out the full video above for more from the cast as well as clips from NCIS, which premieres its tenth season tonight (Tues) at 8 p.m. on CBS.