Cast Talks Moral Dilemmas of 'Last Resort'


ETCanada's Erin Cebula gained access to the Hawaii set of ABC's upcoming military drama, Last Resort, where she got the cast to dish on what they would do in their characters' shoes.

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"I think if I were a 32-year-old veteran commander in the Navy, I would make the decision that I'd been trained to do whether [or not] it would be the right decision," said star Andre Braugher.

The show is about a U.S. ballistic missile submarine called Colorado, which is declared a rogue enemy of the country when its crew declines to fire nuclear weapons without confirmation of orders.

Cast member Robert Patrick is a real-life military veteran and he gave the set designers high praise, saying, "I felt like I was on a real sub. I think they've done an amazing job recreating it."

Watch the video to find out how Scott Speedman gets into character. Last Resort premieres Thursday, September 27 at 8/7c.