'POI' Cast Teases More of The Machine This Season


After an exhilarating conclusion to the first season of the crime drama Person of Interest, the show is on the verge of premiering its second season. The cast teased the new season as delving more into the show's central device, "The Machine."

Michael Emerson, whose character created The Machine, revealed that the computer that helps the crew solve crimes by aiding them in finding their person of interest will become a more powerful character on the show this season.

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"I think we all got comfortable with [The Machine] being a piece of technology in the background in Season 1, but now it steps forward into the light a little more," said Emerson, who also starred on Lost. "It has more dimension and more nuance and more decision-making power of its own."

With The Machine coming to the forefront and adding another enticing element for viewers to follow, Emerson revealed his opinion on why the show is being received well by both viewers and critics.

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"I think people are drawn to vigilantes, to righteous individuals who are willing to step outside the letter of the law and get the job done on behalf of the good and the right," he said. "Also, I think they're tantalized by the big-city setting and by the high-tech procedures of it, and the puzzle of it, the mystery."

Check out the full video above to see a clip of The Machine in action. Person of Interest debuts its second season tonight at 9 p.m. on CBS.