Survivor Roxy: Malcolm-Angie Alliance 'Poisonous'


Survivor Roxy: Malcolm-Angie Alliance 'Poisonous'

On Wednesday night's Survivor: Philippines, the Matsing tribe once again found themselves at Tribal Council, this time choosing Brooklyn, NY native Roxy to be sent packing. ETonline catches up with the 28-year-old seminary student to get her inside take on her exit.

ETOnline: You said at tribal council that you felt your tribe was wasting energy around camp instead of resting up for challenges; can you talk a little more about that?

Roxy: Absolutely, you have to remember, there's a bunch of people living on an island, you're not having your normal meals, and I think it's one thing when you are coached as an Olympian, you have the best food, you have the best coaching advice, but it's another thing when you place people who may be fairly athletic on an island and they don't have any of those resources. The body is different, the body changes. And so, I felt like, you know working around camp became this, this very heightened activity that was an unhealthy addiction, kind of been secretly mostly carried out by Denise influencing people to do this. People became so focused on trying to perform so well at camp, that it's kind of embarrassing that we can't even win a challenge. And after losing the second challenge, that should be really highlighted, but they just failed to see that, and so I felt like they were wasting a lot of energy at camp doing this, doing that, we had fire first, but we can't win a challenge? Something's wrong there.

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ETOnline: And I remember during the challenge that you said that you had the least water that day, was it [a situation where the tribe only had] a certain amount of water and you had to divide it up amongst everyone?

Roxy: Well, definitely I mean you don't have an unlimited source of water at all, and so, I did have the least water. I don't think anyone was out to get me by any means -- that wasn't my purpose of saying that -- but it was also strategic, because I knew that Russell had fell out of the game once upon a time because of dehydration, so I knew if I said that, strategically, I would give the platform to Angie to showcase how great of an athlete she was. Obviously she's not -- she was on the floor after she ran her two legs -- and I wanted to make sure that in case we did not win that challenge and we ended up at tribal council, that would not be a point of reputation that someone could use against me, as to why they chose me versus her to be voted out. I wanted to show that she is indeed weak, and that was my opportunity to have her showcase that.

ETOnline: In terms of Angie, what did you think of her response at tribal council that the tribe needed more cookies?

Roxy: I mean, I think that we are what we say, and I don't think that was a very intelligent answer… I'm gonna leave it at that! I mean I think, we look at a lot of these pageants, these Miss USA pageants, and we have a history of people who answer questions, and I mean you're just baffled how they even got there.

ETOnline: So it seemed like from watching the episode last night, it seemed like strategically, it would've been better for Matsing to vote off Angie as opposed to you. Why do you think they ultimately chose you to go home instead of Angie?

Roxy: Well I think it stems from the person who had the swing vote, which was Denise. Strategically, she already made an alliance with Malcolm. And I think that Angie, clearly, like I said, brings a comfort to Malcolm. And so if [Denise is] going to be loyal to her alliance with Malcolm, then she's gonna choose to be against me and not Angie, not because she thinks Angie's stronger than I am, but merely because she's trying to appease her alliance with Malcolm.

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ETOnline: In terms of Russell, what can you tell us about what he was like behind the scenes?

Roxy: Honestly, I think that what you see in the episode is generally how he was behind the scenes when it comes to playing the game. So, when it comes to playing the game… you know, it's hard to track the man, I can't track him! So for me that was a little unfortunate, because he was my ally, and so it was hard for me to track him -- you're so flaky, so you don't want to be the chief? Now you're the chief, but you're gonna do one thing, now you get out in front of everybody else and do another thing, what's going on? And so, I think for me, you know, great guy, lover of the game, but has a very flaky way of playing, and so that's my comment to that.

ETOnline: In terms of your exit, do you have any regrets? Would you have done anything differently?

Roxy: I wish that, if I could do anything differently, maybe I could've made my alliance with Angie better, if there was a possibility of that. I would've liked to. I know I tried to get her voted off last night, but I would've liked to because as I see the chain of command follows, it's that chain between Denise and Malcolm that's very, very strong. And so, if she falls in alignment of that chain, then my "in" would've been better off being in that mix. Even if it didn't mean I'd have genuinely loved her or any of that stuff, strategically, being in the "in" crowd through Angie, because Angie has this goo-goo-eyed influence over Malcolm that I think is absolute genius, which is why I put it on blast. I think it's genius, and I put it on blast because I thought that it was good. But it was also poisonous, especially to me.

ETOnline: Do you think that Angie deep down really has feelings for Malcolm? Or do you think she was just simply, you know, cuddling with him for her own benefit in the game?

Roxy: I think she was definitely cuddling with him for the game. But regardless of whether it was deep down, or just for the game, he doesn't know that, only God knows. Only God knows man's heart. Man doesn't know man's heart. So therefore, the danger lies not in how she really felt but how he perceives her action. That's the danger.

ETOnline: And ultimately, if it comes down to it, do you think Malcolm will choose Denise, or Angie, if he has to?

Roxy: Well, Malcolm is a conservative guy from Georgia who moved to a country to help less privileged children. I'm going to say he has to be at least fairly intelligent. Fairly, and if I'm going with that, I think if he's fairly intelligent, he'll go with Denise. And I'm gonna say at the end of the day, he may actually go with Denise. But I don't know.

ETOnline: So what tribe do you think will go the farthest?

Roxy: What tribe do I think would go, will go the farthest, I'm gonna say maybe, how about, I mean Penner is good, Penner is one of my favorites, for sure. So whatever team he's on I'm gonna trust that they will possibly go the farthest but you know what? You just, you never know in the game of Survivor, half of it is strategy, and half of it is just how the chips are gonna fall.

ETOnline: I know you didn't really get a chance to see the other tribes too much besides the challenges, but who do you think will win the million dollars?

Roxy: Who do I think will win the million dollars? I mean, it could be Penner, it could be, you know, I can't even really say that I feel it could be Lisa because you know Lisa is like the Christian version of me on her team, and since that we're very different individuals, but we follow the same God. And I mean, she was crying, I'm crying, I mean I don't know if I can say that she's gonna, she's gonna necessarily get it, but it could be any of the returning players. I'm gonna say I'm not sure. It's so exciting to watch because again, the chips change every episode.

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Survivor: Philippines airs Wednesday nights at 8/7 c on CBS.