Exclusive Clip: Neve Campbell Boards 'Titanic'

Exclusive Clip: Neve Campbell Boards 'Titanic'

The RMS Titanic has sailed several times on-screen (most memorably in James Cameron's 1997 Oscar-juggernaut), but a new 12-part miniseries aims to tell this tale in a totally new way by focusing on the historical figures who embarked upon that doomed maiden voyage.

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Titanic: Blood and Steel not only examines the financial factors that led to the ship's sinking, but also the societal inequalities that permeated the ship -- and the lifeboats.

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Starring Neve Campbell, Chris Noth and Kevin Zegers, Titanic: Blood and Steel begins airing October 8 on Encore, and ETonline is pleased to present an exclusive clip featuring Campbell (as progressive American journalist Joanna Yaeger) and Zegers (as Mark Muir, the film's rare fictional character) foreshadowing their own tragic fate.

Titanic: Blood and Steel premieres October 8, and will run through October 13th. Two hour-long episodes will air each night on Encore.