'Idol' Execs Squash Rumors They're Firing Nicki


American Idol producers are putting an end to talk they're on the verge of dropping Nicki Minaj from the popular talent show's newest judging panel.

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"Despite all the accusations and media speculation -- much of which is inaccurate -- production is going extremely well today and the judges are focused on finding the best talent here in Baton Rouge," Idol producers said in a statement Friday.

In the past few days, much ado has been made about the rapper's future with Idol since video leaked of Nicki Minaj feuding with her co-judge Mariah Carey, as well as various lively statements from both parties in the days since.

"This is one of the best, most passionate, dynamic and invested judging panels we've ever had. We love and support all of the judges and the fantastic work they are doing, and we can't imagine a better group to find the next AMERICAN IDOL," The Idol execs go on to say.

Earlier this week, fellow judge Keith Urban weighed in on the testy situation, assuring that all is well despite appearances.

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"We're putting the fun back in dysfunction, that's what we're doing," he joked. "We're four passionate people, some more so than others, and we're very intense artists and it comes out in different ways. But the great thing is we've been hearing killer singers."

Season twelve of American Idol is set to premiere in January 2013.