Mark Reacts to Bristol's 'DWTS' Mini Meltdown


Last night's episode of Dancing with the Stars featured a taped rehearsal segment in which Bristol Palin accuses partner Mark Ballas of "not being there" for her and storms out of the room in tears. We spoke with the pair backstage after the show to find out what was behind their revealing spat. 

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"This stuff happens," explained Ballas, when asked about Bristol telling him she thinks he's "bummed" to have her as a partner instead of fellow competitors Sabrina Bryan or Shawn Johnson.

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"It's our second season together, we danced the last season as well and made it to the finals," Ballas said. "You argue, this stuff happens. For us, this being our second season together, and we're already a quarter of the way through it, and we're just now having our first fight, that's pretty awesome."

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Palin revealed it wasn't easy watching her mini meltdown during last night's show. "I'm just glad that the package was over with, it's all out there." Ballas also indicated the two had since made up, saying, "We were actually laughing backstage, making fun of ourselves."