Burrell Talks Sofia's 'Modern' Pregnancy Problems

Burrell Talks Sofia's 'Modern' Pregnancy Problems

As a member of the hilarious Modern Family cast, Ty Burrell has shot into fame in the past few years. ET caught up with Burrell, who talked about his popular sitcom and his co-star Sofia Vergara's experience with on-screen pregnancy.

"I think she may be having a parallel experience where she isn't pregnant but she's constantly complaining about her back from the fake belly and that her feet are swelling," Burrell said. "It's essentially like she's pregnant."

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One can only imagine the laughs that will ensue from Vergara's on-screen pregnancy to add to the already popular show. Now in its fourth season, the show's success has always expanded beyond ratings and received its third-straight Outstanding Comedy Series award at this year's Emmys.

"Nobody went in expecting to win again so we were really, really excited," he said of winning the hallowed award. "The bulk of us in the cast are still very firmly in the camp of being happy to be employed...so just having the job has been such the reward but that kind of thing has been really fun and a little surreal."

Prior to becoming a household name on Modern Family, Burrell mainly undertook dramatic roles, which wasn't necessarily what he had envisioned himself doing as an actor. As has become apparent, his niche is comedy.

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"I prefer comedy, definitely," the 45-year-old Oregon native said. "I'm not doing this to somehow try to have a dramatic career someday. This is, in the back of the mind, always what I wanted to do, so I feel extremely grateful and happy to be doing [comedic roles]."