'Cheers' Reunion: Ted & Shelley Relive TV Romance

'Cheers' Reunion: Ted & Shelley Relive TV Romance

Shelley Long may have broken Ted Danson's heart on Cheers, but apparently time heals all wounds as Sam and Diane fondly reminisced at the show's 30th anniversary dinner.

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Shelley made her exit from the show after the season five finale, which she wished had turned out differently. In the episode, Shelley's character, Diane, refuses to marry Sam (Ted Danson).

According to Shelley, she wasn't offered the chance to marry Ted on the show until she'd "already made [her] decision to leave."

"Otherwise we'd be still doing Cheers," insisted Ted, who credited Shelley with putting the sitcom "on the map."

VIDEO: Ted Danson Says Shelley Long Put Cheers on the Map

Of course the wedding could still happen if the cast were to do a reunion show, but judging by Shelley's response, the likely hood of that seems slim.

"We'll see everybody at the senior citizens home," Shelley joked.

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