Watch Chris Jacobs Transform into a Zombie!


As we near Halloween, ET's Chris Jacobs underwent the ultimate transformation of becoming a zombie--with make-up, of course.

Chris and the ET cameras paid a visit to The Walking Dead special effects make-up supervisor and co-executive producer Greg Nicotero and his right-hand man Jake Garber at KNB Studios in California to undergo the same process that Walking Dead's cast and extras endure before filming.

Before Chris underwent the spooky transformation, Nicotero explained the day-to-day process of transforming up to eighty people into zombies. The actors are first broken into three groups according to their proximity to the camera: heroes, mid-ground, and background. The hero zombies, who appear the closest on your television screen, are given the most detailed make-up work.

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"We have about an hour and a half to do the hero make-ups. Those usually entail contact lenses, dentures, foam prosthetics, [and] silicone prosthetics," he disclosed. "The mid-grounds are kind of just paintjob make-up that we sort of do assembly-line [style], [and the] backgrounds are [wearing] masks."

The popular fantasy drama series has been strongly received by the public in its first two seasons and has broken several impressive TV ratings for cable shows. However, what has caught the critics' eyes is the show's intricate make-up, which has earned Walking Dead's sole two Emmys.

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The men's zombie-creating abilities were evident when they went to work on Chris' face and made a frighteningly outstanding walking dead man out of him. Watch it all in the video above!

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