'Mentalist' Honors 100th Episode with Flashback


The Mentalist
airs its 100th episode on Sunday, and before the milestone episode hits the airwaves, the cast and crew threw a party to celebrate the accomplishment. As they toasted to 100 episodes, they reflected on the past five seasons.

Not only did the cast have an opportunity to reflect upon the course of the show from its very beginning but viewers will have the same opportunity when watching the 100th episode, which flashes back to show how Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) met Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) and the rest of the CBI gang.

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On the red carpet at the party, the cast had a blast thinking back on the past 100 episodes and the evolution of the show and its characters. As the cast members looked forward to the show's hopeful 100 more episodes to come, they had some comical propositions for what the show should explore next.

As much as his fellow cast mates would like him to lead the cast in a musical episode, Baker assures that his character won't be displaying any hidden theatrical talents any time soon.

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"I think that's the point where I'm going to be on vacation somewhere," he said on the prospect of the cast partaking in a musical episode.

Check out the special 100th episode of The Mentalist this Sunday at 10 p.m. on CBS.