Michael Weatherly Impersonates His Baby Daughter


Enjoying the success of his tenth season on NCIS, the always entertaining Michael Weatherly stopped by Entertainment Tonight's stage to chat with Nancy O'Dell about his popular show as well as his experience with his baby daughter.

Before the show premiered its milestone tenth season this fall, Weatherly, who plays special agent "Tony DiNozzo" on the police procedural, had a hunch that this season would be the best of all. A No. 1 rating in viewership makes us wonder where he hides his crystal ball.

VIDEO: Michael Weatherly Surprised by 'NCIS''s Long Run

"It's like a...ball club. You get out there on the field and it's either happening or it's not, and that Mark Harmon [is a] good team captain," Weatherly said of the cast chemistry that fuels the popular show. "Part of the job is to have fun, and we take our fun very seriously. It's still really rewarding at the end of the day to...know that we all...gave it 110 percent. We're very blessed."

Noticing an uncharacteristic streak of seriousness in his demeanor, he injected his trademark humor when it came to discussing his daughter, Olivia, who was born in April. After attempting to demonstrate his daughter's special smile that she reserves for him, Weatherly revealed that he enjoys playing piano with his daughter on his lap.

As for NCIS, the 44-year-old father of two teased an important upcoming episode in which the viewer will discover something personal about Mark Harmon's character, "Leroy Jethro Gibbs."

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"This namesake episode is pretty fantastic. We have Ralph Waite returning as...Gibbs' father...and then we have Billy Dee Williams of Colt 45 (TV ads) and 'Lando Calrissian' (Star Wars character) fame as the original Leroy Jethro," he teased. "What does that mean? You got to tune in to 'NCIS.'"

To offset his streak of seriousness at the beginning of the interview, Weatherly then impersonated how his daughter "talks" to their dogs. Watch the video above to see it all.

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