Letterman's Late-Night Audience-Less amid Storm


Even though New York City is experiencing one of its worst storms in its history, the old saying "the show must go on" took effect on Monday night as David Letterman carried on with his late-night show as Hurricane Sandy swirled around the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Due to danger of the impending storm, Letterman's late-night show as well, as Jimmy Fallon's New-York based late-night show, featured an empty studio and a limited staff.

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"Nice to see you and thank you very much for joining us here tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, we're in the middle of Hurricane Sandy and we have no studio audience but by God we do have quite a show for you tonight," Letterman began his monologue on Monday.

The absence of an audience created a drastically different environment on the show, and certainly demonstrated why late-night shows feature live audiences to supplement the show.

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As the show was short-staffed amid the storm, Letterman's trademark "Top 10" segment was executed with poster boards instead of the usual graphics and animations.

Check out a snippet of Monday night's show in the video above. Late Show with David Letterman airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on CBS.