'Nashville' Clip: Hayden Sasses Robin Roberts


In her new role as impish country singer "Juliette Barnes," Hayden Panettiere has sassed many people, and as we see in a sneak peek of Nashville's upcoming episode, Good Morning America's Robin Roberts will get her dose of sass as well.

Similar to real-life celebrity scandals, Panettiere's character is under intense media fire when she is accused of shoplifting. When she is presented the opportunity to clear her name on GMA, things don't go quite as her publicity team or host Robin Roberts would hope.

VIDEO: Hayden Panettiere on Playing the Bad Girl

"Actually, there's a very simple explanation for it," Barnes says. "Everybody wants to be young and famous and rich and I am, and people are very jealous."

Roberts is shocked that the star country singer is denying her wrongdoing. Barnes then blames the incident on the paparazzi, who she claims didn't allow for her to pay for the stolen lipstick because they were distracting her.

VIDEO: Hayden Panettiere on Baring All for 'Nashville'

Check out the full sassy clip above, and watch the full episode of Nashville tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.