'X Factor' Debuts First Live Show of The Season


The X Factor's top 16 did their mentors proud Wednesday night as the talented hopefuls showcased their hard work to the world for the very first live show of the season.

With "made in America" as their theme this week, Britney Spears' Teens, Demi Lovato's Young Adults, L.A. Reid's Over-25s and Simon Cowell's Groups fared pretty well on their Halloween night debut.

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13-year-old Beatrice Miller, 18-year-old Jennel Garcia, and the flirty boys of Emblem3 were noted standouts tonight, as all four judges seemed to unanimously agree on the star power of their competitions' acts.

Apart from a few good-natured squabbles, the momentous episode went off without a hitch, save for Simon Cowell's on-air slip of the tongue, which had to be bleeped by censors during a slightly heated exchange between fellow judge L.A. Reid.

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Both Spears and Lovato showed off new 'dos, with the first opting for light bangs and full, flowing hair while the latter appeared to have darkened her locks a deep shade of brown for the occasion.

Tune in tomorrow night on Fox as The X Factor continues its live-from-Hollywood shows, where the judges will choose which four will be axed and which twelve will continue on to perform during next Wednesday's show (November 7) to face the public vote for the first time.