Louis C.K. Hosts 'SNL' - What You Didn't See


Saturday Night Live continued its host hot streak as Louis C.K. took the stage and dominated this weekend's show.

Embracing the kind of warped normalcy that permeates his Emmy-winning FX series, Louie, gave SNL the license to be more irreverent and inspired than normal (see: Hotel Fees). I had the great pleasure of attending the dress rehearsal this weekend, which allowed me to see an extra 30 minutes of sketches that never made it to air as the cast produces more material than can fit in the 90 minute show and uses the dress rehearsal audience as a litmus test for laughter.

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I firmly believe our collective response to the wonderfully weird Australian Screen Legends sketch vaulted it from the end of dress to top of the live show. Sadly, two truly amazing pieces were lost during this undoubtedly Sophie's Choice-esque process. I mean, both were superior to Mountain Pass, but that's not saying much. So, check out the five sketches cut between dress rehearsal and the live show -- and keep your eyes peeled, they just might get resurrected for an upcoming show!

The Voice
SNL skewered NBC's singing competition with Jason Sudekis playing Blake Shelton, Nasim Pedrad as Christina Aguilera, Kenan Thompson as a bird-topped Cee Lo Green, Bill Hader as Adam Levine, Taran Killam as Carson Daly and Louis C.K. facing off with Cecily Strong in a Battle Round. The joke here was that Louis couldn't sing (he auditioned with The Monster Mash) and had only advanced as a joke. One that clearly didn't work on audiences.

The Tesh Brothers
This 1990-set sketch involved the meeting that led to John Tesh creating Roundball Rock, the theme for The NBA on NBC. For the piece, SNL introduced a fictional Tesh brother who originally scream-sung lyrics on the track. They went a little something like this, "Bad-da-da-ba-Basketball!" When NBC executives asked for the tune sans words, the brothers rioted, breaking out tiny hammers and smashing all the pictures in the office. It actually played really well in the room, so I wouldn't be surprised to see this sketch revived in the future.

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The Drawing Show
This cast Louis as the host of a TV show that taught children how to draw. Something the host wasn't too skilled at. Although he did excel at verbally thrashing children who didn't see what he saw in his drawings. This one went on a bit too long, but made me laugh more than once.

Cologne Killer
We opened on a cologne commercial, featuring Louis in various costumes and disguises, representing all the different men who could wear this scent. The action then cut to an America's Most Wanted-like show that revealed this pitchman was actually a deranged killer, who, thanks to his iconic cologne campaign, now had countless disguises at his disposal. Mostly existed as a reason to see Louis in a smattering of silly costumes and wigs.

President Obama's Sandy Speech
Typically one cut sketch gets released online, and in the case of this week's show, that's Jay Pharoah's take on Obama's Ohio attitude. Watch!

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Saturday Night Live airs every Saturday at 11:35 p.m. on NBC.