Meghan Ory: The Best Is Yet To Come!


While many shows stumble to expand upon their universe in their second seasons, ABC's Once Upon A Time is casting an even more potent spell in year two by taking bold risks, introducing scene stealing new characters and revealing a world outside Storybrooke.

But Sunday's all-new episode goes back to the core of what made OUAT last season's biggest new hit as we are gifted with a deeper understanding of an original character: Ruby a.k.a. Red Riding Hood. Picking up where March's Red Handed left off, Child of the Moon reveals what happened after Snow and Red fled.

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"Fans always asked me what happened after that [episode] ended," Meghan Ory tells ETonline. "They wanted to know where we went and what happened. This episode answers a lot of questions and I think the fans will be very happy." Turns out, that Red ends up running into a new wolfpack, led by Anita (guest star Annabeth Gish), at an incredibly crucial moment. "She is there for Red when she needs help the most," Ory says. "It's a very intriguing storyline that goes to some unexpected places."

Meanwhile, back in Storybrooke, Ruby is facing her first full moon since the curse was lifted and magic returned -- and she's forced to do it without Snow! Thankfully, Ruby finds solace in a surrogate of sorts. "Charming/David is kind of like an extension of Snow for Ruby, they're almost like brother and sister, but what's happening to her is a very big deal. The last thing she’d ever want to do is hurt someone else she cared about. It's her greatest fear given what happened with Peter. As a result of that, she becomes a little unhinged."

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Fans have gone equally insane for the brave new world(s) presented so far this year, and according to Ory, the best is yet to come! "The show has been amazing up until this point, but what's coming is even more unbelievable. The writers have really upped the ante this year and the fans are about to have their minds blown. Completely blown."

Once Upon A Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.