Exclusive 'Survivor' Clip: Lisa Gets Emotional


In last week's shocking Survivor: The Philippines, Lisa Whelchel made a big move – outing Malcolm's immunity idol and campaigning successfully to sway the direction of the vote during tribal council.

Now, in an exclusive sneak peek of tonight's episode, on-the-bubble Jonathan Penner (who was only saved last week by winning individual immunity) appeals to Lisa's sensitive side by sympathizing with the negative impact of her history as a child star.

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Lisa openly cries as Penner speculates as to what it must have been like for her as a child in showbiz, and later confesses, "I know that Penner is always scrambling to try to find a way to stay, but this really struck something very, very deep [in me], this internal conflict. I think probably at some level, it's spending a lifetime performing, tap dancing, acting – doing whatever it takes to do the right thing to be liked."

Is Penner just sucking up to Lisa for her vote? Or do the two truly share a deep bond? Watch the video to decide for yourself, and tune in to Survivor tonight at 8/7 c on CBS to see how it all pans out.