Exclusive: 'Sister Wives' Fight Over House Size


According to this exclusive clip from an all-new episode of TLC hit Sister Wives, among the many complications that arise from Kody Brown having four wives is the sister wives' arguments over their respective house sizes.

Although each of Kody's wives has their own house which is supposed to be comprised of the same budget, the other wives can't understand why first wife Meri needs as big a house as the others when she has less children.

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"I began to worry that somehow what I needed would be sacrificed for what somebody else wanted in the name of equality of budget," second wife Janelle Brown says. "And that's where my real fear came into the situation ... that somehow I would be without something that I needed."

Of course, as you can see by watching the clip, things get more than a little awkward when Meri doesn't look too thrilled at the less than friendly comments from her sister wives.

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Check out the clip to see how Kody solves the problem, and Meri getting emotional about all "the extra space."

Sister Wives airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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