Kate Hudson is 'All That' on 'Glee'


Back in August, before her Glee debut, I asked if Kate Hudson should stay on television. Citing her sparkling personality but dim movie choices since 2000's How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, I felt that working in episodic television, where the roles for women are plentiful in quality and quantity.

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Since her September debut, Hudson has done nothing but offer supporting evidence as to why television is perfectly tailored to her. As Cassandra July, Rachel Berry's faded star dance instructor, the Almost Famous star has dazzled with her masterful grasp of the show's unique flair while her star-wattage has been blindingly bright. 

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Murphy is known for working with the same actors, over and over, so I'm hoping he's as inspired by Hudson's performance as I am and is either crafting a decadent role for her in the third season of American Horror Story or re-shaping that rumored Gwyneth Paltrow (his last leggy blonde muse) pilot for Kate Hudson.

This week, Kate Hudson gets another chance to razzle dazzle 'em with a duet from Chicago (performed with Lea Michele) that once again proves why she is all that ... and then some.

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