Sneak Peek: Survivor's Loved Ones Reunion


It's the episode of Survivor every season that melts even the coldest heart -- the episode in which the contestants are reunited with dearly loved friends and family -- and ET has a sneak peek of tonight's reunion between Skupin and his son!

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On two seasons of the show, Michael Skupin has proven to be a nice guy, but he takes it to another level when reuniting with his son -- also named Michael Skupin. Skupin Sr. says of the younger Skupin, "There's no description for him -- he's the best human being I know," to which his son replies, "I learned everything from him." Awwws all around.

Watch the video to see their touching reunion for yourself, then tune in to Survivor tonight to see all the contestants reunite with their family and friends. Survivor: Philippines airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.