'Suits' Exclusive: Prepare For The Premiere


Suit up because Harvey Specter, Mike Ross and the rest of Pearson Hardman's legal eagles return on January 17 for the backhalf of Suits' sensational sophomore season!

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And if you've made the gross oversight of not watching USA's addictive and inventive drama, I've got two excellent pieces of good news: first, ETonline scored an exclusive promo featuring the luminous Sarah Rafferty and dynamic Rick Hoffman giving you a 2-minute recap of everything you've missed.

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Then, once you've realized the error of your ways, USA has done you the biggest solid of all by making all 22 episodes of Suits available (on their website and on demand through nearly every cable provider) for binge watching!

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For those of you who've been good little soldiers and obsessed (like me) over Suits since day one, you too are about to be rewarded as I can exclusively reveal the January 17 season premiere is titled Blind-Sided and sees Harvey and Mike take on a criminal suit that hits close to home for Mike, who struggles to separate his personal feelings from the facts of the case.

Check out the catch-up video below and marathon all 22 episodes of Suits before the season premiere on January 17 at 10 p.m. on USA!