Must (Re)Watch TV Moment of the Week


Must (Re)Watch TV Moment of the Week

Every week, ETonline selects a scene that is so magical, it demands watching, and re-watching, from fans and non-fans alike. This week, that honor goes to Glee!

VIDEO - Kate Hudson is 'All That' on Glee

In Thursday's episode, titled Swan Song, Rachel Berry was gifted one of 10 Golden Tickets to perform at NYADA's elite Winter Showcase and the audience was gifted with a pair of performances that were richer than Willy Wonka's most decadent delights.

AUDIO - Exclusive First Listen To Glee's Jingle Bell Rock

While Lea Michele's once-in-a-lifetime talent has never been in question, it's felt like eons since Glee focused its lens on Lea, and just let the camera roll. The chills begun quickly into her first song, Being Good Isn't Good Enough by Barbra Streisand, and had developed into full body goosebumps by the time she hit Holy Night as an encore.

The power of Glee has always stemmed directly from tapping into the audience's veins and filling them with its unique blend of camp and heart, but last night, we were fed pure, unfiltered talent and I found myself joining in the NYADA audience's standing ovation when all was said and done.

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