Abi Reveals Her True Intentions for 'Survivor'


Every season of Survivor has its nemesis, and this season's Abi-Maria Gomes fills that role very aptly, which was evidenced by the boos that she received on The Jeff Probst Show. Reflecting on the season, Gomes revealed that she had an entirely different approach coming into the show than how she actually acted when participating on the show.

While the filming of the twenty-fifth season of the popular reality show wrapped months ago in the Philippines, the on-air show is currently down to its last five contestants competing for a grand prize of $1 million. After a recent filming for Survivor host Jeff Probst's talk show, ET caught up the remaining contestants and asked Gomes about her demeanor on the show.

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"I went there with great intentions," she said. "I wanted to be [this] nice, charming Brazilian girl [and] get everyone to love me and fall in love with me. I get there [and] the whole strategy changed."

The 32-year-old Los Angeles dweller said before the show began: "I bring social skills and team work. I am a motivator. I will also bring a very positive energy." However, as the competition carried along, she became difficult for her fellow contestants to deal with.

While reality shows can often skew reality itself through crafty video editing, Gomes said her conduct wasn't altered with editing; however, she wished that the show would have chosen to include some of her more endearing moments.

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"I won't blame editing for my behavior on the show," she said alongside fellow Tandang tribe member Michael Skupin. "I definitely was intense. I wouldn't say I'm a crazy person; I definitely had crazy moments, but...I'm a 'crazy Brazilian' with good intentions. Yes, I did have [a] very temperamental personality there, but they're not really showing the charismatic side of me."

Probst, who recently launched his first season of his daytime talk show, holds that any of the remaining five contestants, including Gomes, are capable of winning Survivor. Having hosted the show since its inception, he teased the finale as one of the best ones the show has seen.

"We have five great people left on the show at this point; any of them can win," he previewed. "They all have a legit shot; even our villain Abi has a way to win this. The finale is going to be about 'Do you pick the right people to take to the end?' because there are so many different combinations. If you choose wrong, you could cost yourself a million bucks."

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Check your local listings to watch the Survivor cast on The Jeff Probst show on Wednesday and watch the final five in action at 8 p.m. Wednesday night.