Must (Re)Watch TV Moment of the Week


Every week, ETonline selects a scene that is so magical, it demands watching, and re-watching, from fans and non-fans alike. This week, that honor goes to Parenthood!

NBC's complex family drama has long been TV's most cathartic hour, but thanks to the ace crafting of Kristina's breast cancer storyline and Monica Potter's Emmy-caliber performance, the tears have been flowing this season like never before.

Considering the promos for this Tuesday's episode had the waterworks all cued up, I shouldn't have been surprised by how heavily the tears flowed throughout the final 30 minutes, but that underscores what's been so wonderful about Parenthood since day one: it continually surprises with the emotional depths it's capable of reaching.

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This week's moment du jour was the origin of all my feelings: Kristina's taped message to her children; Haddie, Max and Nora.

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Seeing Kristina, a woman who has always been so completely dedicated to ensuring the best for her family, accept that she might die before all her hard work comes to fruition was one of the most heartbreaking realizations Parenthood has ever featured. The staging of the scene (the audience and her husband simultaneously experienced Kristina's message) made the moment all the more profound, and reminded me that Monica Potter isn't the only actor delivering award-worthy work week in and week out.

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Spouses of cancer patients often are forced to sublimate their emotions in order to take charge of the situation; becoming the caretaker their partner and children need most in this time of unimaginable grief. Peter Krause has been masterful at subtly revealing the well of emotions beneath Adam's steely exterior, so when his floodgates open (as they did this week in the presence of his father, Zeke), every tear lands with the power of a tidal wave.

Why Parenthood continues to be ignored by the major awarding organizations is one of life's cruelest mysteries. Thankfully fans will continue to win as long as NBC keeps TV's most marvelous family on the air!

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