'Scandal' Exclusive: Fitz's Real Shooter Speaks!


Last night's Scandal was titled Blown Away -- an apt description for several reasons. Not only did we learn who actually shot President Grant (and how!), but we watched Huck, who is usually 10 steps ahead, playing catch-up at the most inopportune moment imaginable. That led to him getting arrested for the crime, which was actually committed by ... his girlfriend, Becky Flynn!

Yes, it turns out the woman who forced Huck's heart open had been setting him up as a patsy all along. Or had she? ETonline exclusively caught up with actress Susan Pourfar this morning to talk about the shocking revelation, what it means for Huck and if she'll be back to cause more havoc in Huck's life!

ETonline: What was your reaction when you first read the script for last night's episode?
Susan Pourfar: Utter shock. The only thing I knew going in was that Becky had a background that was somewhat similar to Huck's, but that's all I knew. I didn't know how her background would manifest, so when I read that my jaw dropped open.

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ETonline: Not only did she set Huck up, but then she took things to another level, murdering all four members, children included, of his "ideal family." That struck me as something a scorned person would do. In your mind, did Becky actually love Huck?
Pourfar: It was tricky for her in that she fell for this human being. To fall for the patsy was quite unexpected. Although I would imagine that viewers find that an extreme step to take over unrequited love [laughs]. But she let her guard down, so to find out she can't actually trust him ... there is a degree of hurt there. I will say that aside from the fact I think Guillermo Diaz is absolutely phenomenal as Huck, I do think there was a real connection between those two people.

ETonline: When did you play it that Becky realized Huck wasn't being honest with her? After they had sex in the hotel?
Pourfar: We played that scene a couple of ways, and I love that they chose a take where she doesn't look at him when she answers that question [about her real name]. In that moment he's thinking, "If she won't tell me her name, I can't trust her." I think these two people know how the other's mind works so well that even when they're not looking at each other, they know what the other is thinking.

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ETonline: Given what we've seen what Huck is capable of, are you worried about retaliation for your character?
Pourfar: I don't know what will happen to Huck now that he's been taken under the Patriot Act, but I do know that Huck is incredibly intelligent, trained and tough -- no matter what happens to him, he has the capacity to come out the other side stronger for it all.

ETonline: Finally, is this the last we've seen of Becky? Will we find out who she was working for?
Pourfar: This is not the last we'll see of her, but we won't find out for a long time who Becky is working for. There are so many puzzle pieces that are not fitting with other pieces yet. And there's a lot of power hungry people on that show you could potentially point to as candidates for setting up the assassination.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.