Is 'Buckwild' the New 'Jersey Shore'?


Is 'Buckwild' the New 'Jersey Shore'?

As the Jersey Shore wraps up their final season, MTV has found another group of party people in the hills of West Virginia.

follows the lives of nine friends who believe they have the "freedom to do whatever the f*** we want."

Like the Shore, the youngsters love to throw parties and punches, but rather than fist pumping and tanning, these friends are muddin' and mechanical bull riding.

The cast of the Jersey Shore have reacted to the new show, DJ Paul D telling The Hollywood Reporter, "I saw the previews for it. It looks hilarious. I think that kind of culture is funny to me, so I want to watch it and see what it's all about."

Ronnie Magro added, "It's going to be wild because there's going to be no boundaries. It's going to be like Jersey Shore first season."

Will you be watching Buckwild on MTV?