Jane Seymour Pranks World Market Shoppers


On the latest installment of I Get That a Lot, actress Jane Seymour puts on her best straight face as she attempts to convince World Market shoppers that she isn't who they suspect her to be. First up: one of her biggest fans.

As we see in the featured clip, Seymour and the show's production team picked a good day to stake out at that World Market, as the wife of one of her biggest fans immediately notices her and is overwhelmed with joy.

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The English actress then speaks to the woman's husband on the phone and tries to convince him that she is Frankie, Jane's younger sister. However, the woman is certain that it is Jane and laughs hysterically in the background as Seymour speaks on the phone with her husband.

Seymour also garners some laughs when she pranks an Australian couple by forcefully popping open a bag of potato chips that they were going to purchase.

Wednesday's episode of I Get That a Lot will also include Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan as a sporting goods store employee, racecar driver Jeff Gordon as an automotive supply store worker, actor Cheech Marin as a party store employee, Olympian Bruce Jenner as a shoe salesman, and the late Dallas actor Larry Hagman as a Costco food samples worker.

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Check out the clip above for a sneak peek, and watch the full episode of I Get That a Lot tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS.