Cyndi Lauper Explains Her Infamous KY Derby Flub


Last May, Cyndi Lauper performed at her first Kentucky Derby parade, which would have been a pleasant experience for her had she not unknowingly cursed on live television. As she sat down with ET to talk about her new reality show, she explained the infamous moment.

Although she knew she would have a microphone on her that day, Lauper claims that there was a miscommunication between her and the show's producers as to when her performance was airing.

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"The guy told me earlier, 'It's going to be a live mic to air,' so I thought, 'I'm going to get on stage and I start singing [and] it's a live mic to air,' not 'It's going to be a live mic while you hold the mic,'" she recounted. "I tapped the mic and I said, 'Oh, great, f***ing idiot, it's not on!' and then of course, it was everywhere."

The flub was unbeknownst to Lauper at the time, as she then cheerfully greeted a group of young dancers after the incident. She was eventually tracked down by her manager, who revealed the news to her and urged her to apologize on TV, which she did.

While it's uncertain how much, if any, her cameras caught of the incident, Lauper was filming her new reality show Cyndi Lauper: Still So Unusual at the time. After debating launching her own reality series for a while, the singer revealed what pushed her to go through with it.

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"I had a lot of stuff happening this year; I love TV. I also wanted to bring attention to a lot of things that were going on," she said of the decision to film the series. "I have a full life; I do a lot of different jobs, and I sing--I still gig...and I have a family too and I try to bring my family along with me when I can. Not that I plan for mayhem to happen, but it kind of happens sometimes because that's the way it is."

Although a reality show can reveal personal aspects of her life that she may want to keep concealed or capture some unflattering moments like her Kentucky Derby flub, the "Time After Time" singer admits to having no regrets early on.

"No, no regrets yet," she said. "I think it's fine. For me, I don't care. What do I care? I've had rocks thrown at me for how I dressed and then the following couple years the same kind of people that threw the rocks at me were wearing the clothes I was wearing. So, I don't care what anybody thinks about me. I guess it was good training."

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Regardless of what others' opinions of her may be, Lauper has a book out (Cyndi Lauper: A Memoir) that made the New York Times' Best Sellers List and a new reality show that will premiere this Friday (Jan. 12) at 9 p.m. on We TV.