'Scandal' Star Previews Huck's Next Move


Last night's Scandal brought a relieving resolution to the "Who Shot Fitz?" storyline -- but not before poor Huck found himself on the wrong end of a Patriot Act-fueled interrogation.

Bruised, battered and betrayed, Huck finally re-emerged into society, but fans were left to wonder what the future holds for Olivia's most secretive soldier. To answer your questions I caught up with Guillermo Diaz at ABC's TCA party last night in Pasadena, CA to find out how the events of One For The Dog will forever alter Huck.

ETonline: What went through your mind when you read last night's script for the first time?

Guillermo Diaz: The first thing that went through my mind was, "I hope I can be as good as the script." The scripts on our show are so good, that the minute I read them, I worry about preparing. For this week, I really had to go into that dark space. Then, my second thought was, "Oh my God, I'm going to have to be naked!" Which I was. I was naked for that whole scene.

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ETonline: Those torture scenes were tough to watch. What were they like to film?

Diaz: It was very quiet. I didn't talk to anybody. I stayed in the zone. I had previously done a lot of research on the internet about waterboarding. How people become extremely traumatized after that experience. Like, they can't even be around running water. Or when it rains, they have anxiety attacks. It's really bad. It made for intense days.

ETonline: So will we see the longterm effects of that on Huck moving forward?

Diaz: Yeah, for sure. Huck is emotionally crippled and tortured -- no pun intended -- but now, this kicks it up another notch. He's been trying to stay "sober" and move on. He tried a relationship, but that didn't work out very well. I think this will bring his whole self to another level ... and it's not that good.

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ETonline: His grip on "sobriety" has always been tenuous, will it become harder for him to abstain in the coming weeks?

Diaz: We're three episodes ahead of you, and his road to "sobriety" becomes a lot more difficult after all this. You'll see tinges of Huck going off the rails.

ETonline: Obviously Huck got pulled into this situation because he worked for Pope & Associates, does this make him question that loyalty to Olivia at all?

Diaz: Huck knows all this happened because he works for her, but he knows it's not Olivia’s fault. He still feels loyalty to Olivia, and as difficult as being tortured was, that's his world. There's almost some comfort in that for him. Like, my family is very drama-filled, but we feed on that drama. If we don't have that drama, it's like we don’t know how to act with one another. I don't think Huck is broken, he's just back in that flow.

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